I paid ProXPN $40 for vpn service. What I got was ridiculously slow speeds. Without ProXPN my speeds are upwards from 25 MBps. With ProXPN, I was lucky to clear 2 MBs, and more usually was in the KBps range. | They offer no real customer support, refering their contracted users to a user forum for all technical difficulties. When I sent them a detailed email that contained trace route, ping times, DNS addresses, and their own firmware logs, they replied with a form respeonse, giving genral advice for poor speeds. When I sent another email, asking for someone to check out my case, they more or less told me it was my problem, not theirs. | When vpn services have slow speeds the usual reason is that they don’t rent enough server time, and they over sell the few addresses they lease. With so many users on the same address, their service bottlenecks. | I asked for a refund and was refused. | Don’t fall for this fly-by-night stuff. These guys very obviously know they are takiong unfair advantage of their users. | The truth is I trust boingboing.net‘s shop, where I bought the vpn service. A mistake I won’t make again.


  • Name: ProXPN
  • Country: Netherlands
  • State:
  • City: CA IJmuiden
  • Address: Dokweg 37/B
  • Phone: 1(888) 721-1337
  • Website: www.proxpn.com