So here it is in a nutshell, three years ago I moved my home and office to a city approximately 45 minutes from my previous residence. Rather than rashly rent an office I chose to believe the dog and pony show a PS executive offices. Their concept is excellent, they rent a class a floor of the building or big office and rent out individual offices allowing you to have a great location with shared common space at a fraction of the price… Or so it would seem. | When you dive into it and read the fine print and realize it’s not at all what they are representing. For starters you are technically not allowed to have a printer in your office? Why would that be? Simple, they want you to pay them for the use of their office machines. That seems a little unreasonable considering that a 120 ft.² office can cost $400-$600 per month. That’s not a typo, they take a space that they rent for $19-$20 a foot and more than double it to the client. It’s a free economy, if you don’t like the price you don’t have to pay it… Just look for office space elsewhere. What got me were the promises from the previous manager that a virtual office made the most amount of sense. This seems like a sweet deal, $75 a month plus incidental postage (how much could that really be) and that’s it. | In reality they nickel and dime you to death. I have never received in invoice from this company that was less than $100 because they charge for line items like: supplies, miscellaneous change of address breach, transition fee, type and print, these fees added up to over $250 or roughly 3 times when I was promised I would be charged. When I went to move I sent them a very kind letter explaining that it was time for me to explore other options and that I would be vacating at the end of May 2016. This letter was sent to them on the fifth day of May so instead of using May as the 30 day notice they apparently charged me through June. This is just pettiness and totally unnecessary. My statement is rife with all kinds of frivolous charges none of which are legitimate. I never agreed to any of this nonsense and this so-called change of address breach that I allegedly agreed to was clearly hidden by the manager who took my original contract. Had I been told that when I move I would not be allowed to submit a change of address form to my new address, I would’ve done it. I’m not supposed to tell my clients in purveyors where my new address is? | I don’t care what I signed, their behavior and attitude is sophomoric and frankly predatory in my opinion. I’ve been in business for nearly 20 years and only needed the space temporarily for a landing spot until I could find a permanent location. I’m sure they have customers that are happy with their service, I am not. I’m not happy about the way I’ve treated by their staff and I’m specifically unhappy by the way I’m dismissed out of hand by their childish reception staff who is rude when I called to inquire about these outrageous charges. We are only talking about $251.86 however it’s the principle of it is what really galled me. I gave them 30 days notice in May yet they held me through June. They have my credit card on file so they have access to my assets without my consent. Think long and hard before signing an agreement with this company and I strongly suggest having an attorney review the document if you’re planning on doing business with them.


  • Name: PS Executive Centers, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Westlake
  • Address: 1991 Crocker Road, Gemini Towers
  • Phone: (800) 589-3300
  • Website: