Psychic “sisters” scam


My Complaint: Woman approaches people on the street – pretending to be psychic. Offers reading – then after telling wonders says that there’s a big negative energy that needs to be removed. Set appointment and tells victim to bring large amount along with a few silly elements (shoe, flowers, egg). After the “cleanse” her and her “sister” / accomplice say that the money (and all other elements) is now loaded with the bad energy and it needs to be burned. so they keep the money. I was not so naive – didn’t lose money. Went to cops for report. They said it’s a common scam. This happened in NYC in nice area. Cops told me it’s likely they are gypsies. I speak 4 languages and can identify several more. I was unable to determine what is that they spoke among them – cop said it’s gipsy. This are the numbers they use to contact me: 2406049930 (printed on flyer I was given – must be used the most). Then 3019657802, 3477775727. 2 numbers are based in MD where they said they go to church and meditate. Last number is NYC based. Ideally the number will popup on online search so people can see that there’s a SCAM related to those women. I’m pretty sure the names they gave me are fake.
One woman is about 5’3 a bit over weight. light skin, dark hair. The other one is 5’2. Was very orange from tanning when I met her. So it’s a bit darker complexion and also dark straight hair. Both act really well and play the part excellently. So not hard to not trust. Plus they kept a location in a nice apt building in madison avenue NYC. Yet bit scam.


My Demand: Don’t engage with them. Or similar