i signed up for the website under the impression that it was a job search engine. i spoke to someone through chat prior to signing up. once i signed up, i did not receive a summary receipt of my transaction and immediately asked about it and was ignored. when i called the number on the website it connected me to a voicemail because the operator was never available. when i logged on to the site, a chat box would pop up with a representative by the name of Lorrie asking me if i want to know about jobs in my area. once she figured out who it was, she logged off of the chat. this happened several times. Lorrie was also supposed to be the woman helping me with my job search. she only responded to emails once every few days and did not answer any of my questions. all of the jobs on their site are only able to be viewed once you sign up. once they got my money and i saw the job posts they were all dated back to over a year ago. the whole website is a complete scam and they stole $60 from me.. I demand ALL OF MY MONEY BACK. Stay away

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