Going for the bank accounts


My Complaint: I play games on the publishers clearing house site but never order. Couple of weeks ago I receive this survival knife in the mail from them along with a bill. I contacted publishers clearinghouse to inform them , I never ordered a knife. He kept saying I did. Finally he says, ok you can get the knife for 50% off with your bank information. I said no! He then said, we’ll since this is your first mistake with our company, just keep it. I told him to send me a return packing slip because I don’t want it. He told me to keep it, give it away, or throw it away and hung up. I double checked the address on the billing statement against their website and it’s the same. This guy really wanted my bank information. Now it makes me wonder if some employees at PCH have been working side jobs with publishers clearinghouse inventory?


My Demand: Spread the word, there’s a new scam in town.