Phone Call from Publishers Clearing House


My Complaint: Chris Cooper – Prize Director at Publishers Clearing House called to tell me I had won $3.5 million and a range rover… all I had to do was clear my government approval gold seal stamp by buying a green dot money pack paper scratch card at CVS and upload $492 to it so that when the lawyers Linda Allen and Robert Johnston arrived with the keys to my car and my check they could make the check valid to spend today. He gave me a control number and exhibit a to quote when the delivery guys arrived who knew my address through GPS on my phone! I was asked to go and get the card within the hour as the delivery team were on their way to shake my hand and give me the check and keys. I was to watch out for Robert or Linda who would call me next. In the meantime I looked up the scam and found it was online as a reported fake. I called my local police dept to report it and when they called back I told them it was a scam and the police had been contacted!


My Demand: Nothing, just awareness to others