Complaint: We are near 70 years old and live in Oregon. On September 10th, my wife and I signed a contract to have a house built in Britton Falls, Indiana to be close to family. The house was to be started at the end of December. Included with the contract were 10 requests for what Pulte calls “Non Standard Options or NSO’s””

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: none were very complex and two of them were even suggested by our sales representative. It is Pulte’s procedure for a customer to sign a contract and then get approvals and prices for these options. Even though this is not a good practice

Website: although one was not for what we had asked

Phone: we signed the contract. We were also “”encouraged”” to use Pulte mortgage to avoid huge penalties for not closing when Pulte demanded. Almost three months after signing the contract and wondering if the “”NSO’s”” would even be approved