We had been trying to find a new home builder that we could afford and ran cross Pulte Homes in Flower Mound,Tx and decided to try a purchase in the community of Canyon Falls. We gve 5,000 down earnest money to get the ball rolling and soon discovered that the home we wanted was not in our budget or was not worth the money after upgrades.We started getting calls from their finance company giving us numbers and monthly payment updates in which we discussed with them and the sales rep that was out of our budget and we could not afford the home. This went on for a number of weeks and we could not get the sales rep to return our calls and to go out and do face to face meetings with him to even a response to our concerns that we could not afford the build of the home. Pulte continued to pour concrete and continued the building of the home and made it impossible to do a stop build based on a cancellation notice due to no return of calls or replys of email. Canyon Falls the community in which we decided to build in also went through a developer change and drew up new plans for the community and zoning changes that was never discussed with us until we found out by talking to other residents. We were able to get a cancellation letter sent to us after six weeks and now told our earnest money will not be refunded due to the fact that Pulte finance said we qualified for the loan even though it was out of our budget.


  • Name: Pulte Homes, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Michigan
  • City: Bloomfield Hills
  • Address: 100 Bloomfield Hills Parkway, Suite 300
  • Phone: 866-239-1739
  • Website: www.pulte.com