Complaint: Pulte did a bait and switch on me when I went to go build a new home in Tanglewood, South Lyon, MI. The model had everything I wanted, especially the gourmet kitchen. When the salesperson was asked if we could get the kitchen exactly like the model, he said yes. We had gone back at least 1 more time to make sure we loved what we saw, and confirmed with the salesperson we could get that exact house. He said yes, and it coudl be the same elevation due to the lot we picked. WE had asked him to price out everything in the model to unerstand the pricing. He said he did, but not the little items like recessed lights, but I said that was OK. He said the next step was to sign the purchase agreement and to pick out the interiors. The amount to put down was significant. As I kept reviewing the build list, i asked him where certain things were so I can make sure I get the correct items we like. As I kept asking, I kept finding things that were not on the list. I kept asking for a buidl list of the model, in person, email, and text. The only item I received was a picture of the hood for the kitchen and a price. About 3 weeks later when we went to pick out the interiors, and still no list of the model, there were many items they simply told us we couldn’t get those items, they aren’t available anymore. Nothing compared to what was in the model. We had the worst experience. I went drove over to the sales person at the model and informed him of the horrible experience and I wanted to terminate this deal. They had showed me the model, told me I could get the model, but in the end they would not delver. He told me he would work on it. I told him, I have no trust in Pulte and I just want my money back. I stated that based on this experience, other issues would come up and how difficult it would be to deal with them. I said no, just refund my money. 3 days later, and after my email asking to officially terminate, he tells me he has permission to work it out. My response was, ” What does that mean? I do not trust you

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Address: I had to work this hard for the basics you are showing and do not believe you will deliver a quality product.”” They did not put it in wiritng

Website: but he wouldn’t. He said it was just a process to go through and to electronically sign it. I told him it did not represent the truth. He sent me an un-modifiable form and said to send it back to him and he would submit it. I didn’t trust him

Phone: nor did they talk about the pricing. I reiterated to just refund my money. They cancellation came with the following”” buyers remorse