We bought a puppy from The Puppy and Kitty Nursery store in Largo Florida, and about a month and a half later she died. We have four dogs and always had gone to breeders, but one day we walked into a pet store and fell in love. We bought a Chihuahua for $620.00 and we named her Tazi. nThe store informed us that she was being treated for a cold. They said if we took her to their vet, her first check up would be free. The store stated she was being treated for a cold on our contract and showed directions for meds, but did not give us any. nWe took her to their vet, he said that if she worsened to bring her back, but did not give us meds. Looking at her health certificate there was no note of any cold or meds administered and there were questionable signatures on them. Tazi had a cough but I was told that was common to the breed due to her small trachea, she was playing, eating, and going to the bathroom normally, until one Saturday, when she was breathing abnormally. We rush her to the emergency vet and twelve hours later she died,(that bill was $282.50 plus a follow up with our regular vet for $40). She died from pnomia a collapsed lung etc. We were shocked. The store nor the vet will take responsibility. I found that it is illegal to sell a sick animal. The local media is involved and is trying to help, but the store and vet blame us. nWe believe that Tazi was probably sick before she reached the store, and was from a puppy mill. I have her papers and where she came from. I have filed a complaint at every imaginable agency, Better Buis. Bue., Consumer Protect., Animal Services, The Vet. Med. Board of Florida, and have made leaflets educating people about this store and to boycott them, along with this I attached information about puppy mills. nThe store owner has called the police and trespassed us from her store and says that we are slanderous. We have been nothing but businesslike, but the owner is playing hardball. They have never been sympathetic nor apologetic. The owner has not offered any type of compensation. We have disputed our Visa charges, but I am sure she will fight this too. nIf you have any advice, please contact me, I need all the help I can get. I hope to also have a protest in front of their store. I will not let this go. Tazi did not deserve to die, and I don’t want this abuse to continue. nThank you for your time. nSincerely, Suzy

7190 Ulmerton Rd. Largo, Florida U.S.A.


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