I looked far and wide for my first puppy. I went to numerous selters and nothing I saw was what I was looking for. Driving home I passed Puppy Depot decided to pull in and look. Well not only did I look but I fell in love with a Black Lab Puppy a little under 6 months. I played and interacted with her for hours and finally decided to bring her home, they took her to the back and gave her her bath and trimmed her nails, comming out with a little bow on her she was adorable. After purchasing all the neccesities I took her home. The sales man had given me a Free Examination and Puppy Heath Plan certificate for the Coram Animal Clinic…., along with a heath certificate stating my dog was “HEALTHY”” nI brought my puppy home on the 27 of may and before I knew it I found out that on June 5 my puppy was extremly sick….I have been back and forth to the vets and trying to contact puppy depot speaking with both managers they recommended bringing my puppy back and picking another after having been greatly attached….is that the solution…. nHere it is now July 20 and I have spent over $900.00 on my companion finding out that she has not only had kennel caugh but also Giardia…. is this considered a heathy puppy…. nI love my companion to death and wouldnt think of ever bringing her back to that awful place. My puppy is very sick and the staff at Puppy Depot could care less they are very rude and dont want to hear it there answer to everything is bring it back and pick out another

why is that so the dog i bring back is heathy and for once they could sell a heathy puppy. nChristanMattituck New York nChristankingston

New YorkU.S.A.”

3669 Route 1112 Coram, New York U.S.A.

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