My husband and I attended a very long, high pressure seminar on Aug 22 and ended up signin on for a vacation package. Upon returning home from vacation we had to cancel due to an unforseen financial situation. We contacted a rep on Aug 26 to cancel and obtain a refund. This reps name was Carlos and he advised us they he would send an email within an hour to inform us on what to write in a letter to cancel. He told us once he received our email back we would be cancelled. The hour came and went with no email. We tried calling the number 6 more times and to our horror found the line would not accept calls! Finally 8 hours later the line finally went through again. The next rep was Paula and she advised that she could see notes on the account of our intent to cancel and that she was unsure why we didn’t get an email. She stated someone would contact us the following day because they work half days on Saturday. The weekend came and went, no calls no emails. Aug 29th we called again and again spoke to Carlos. We voiced our concerns about not receIvins an email and he ENSURED us the we would be cancelled inside of review and that it was his fault for misspelling the email address, which is why we did not get an email. He again told us the only thing we needed to do was send an signed letter via email to cancel ma king sure to inude the date we originally contacted them. We did this and called back to verify that he received our letter and that that was all we needed to do. He said yes and told us someone would be contacting us within 10 days. On sep. 4 we received a very unprofessional and threatening call from Pilar, who was the rep that sold us the vacation package, advising that we had already paid for half the vacation package and that we might as well just keep it. We advised Pilar that we were canceling with review and that a refund was in order. She point blank told us we were not getting a refund and would not cancel us and disconnected the call. At this point my husband and I are at a loss of words! On Sept 7 we contact the company again and again get Carlos. We tell him about our phone conversation with Pilar and how upset we are about the call. Carlos informs us that Pilar was not suppose to contact us and that we did cancel in review and that he would make sure anot her rep contacts us…within 10 days! Sept 14 we get a call from Alberto an “resolution rep”” who tells us that we had to send a certified letter via mail per our contract to cancel so we are canceling outside of our view period..wait what!? He than told us to send him another emailed letter of why we were needing to cancel

which we did. We put every phone date and time on this letter

who we spoke to and what they told us. At no point did anyone ever tell us to send a certified letter. Clearly if Carlos or Paula would have told us this it would have been done since these calls started at 9 o’clock in the morning

plenty of time to catch a mail man. Instead we were drug along and continuously lied to to ensure we were getting cancelled outside of our review. Sept 15 Alberto calls and tell us he can’t cancel us for 10 years because he has no proof of us canceling within review. So apparently the “”notes on our account”” vanashied into thin error and the original email we sent

which mind you was still in review even after the circus act