I contcated this appartent breeder with interest in the puppies for sale, however when I indicated my apprehension to sending money firstly for an animal I have not seen with my own eyes and secondly, for an animal that I would pay before I have it in my hands raised concerns. The seller wasn’t interested in my concerns however he wanted all my privite informatino in order to proceed, when I indicated that I would get back to him at a later time after conducting a thorough investigation he was okay as we already exchanged phone numbers. Being in Canada and supposedly dealing with a person in Richmond Virginia presents a host of issues when making this type of purchase and when I asked for pictures of the parents they never arrived. Then I asked the breeder to take a picture for the sake of confirmation to prove that he actually has the puppy he refused and told me he isn’t a kid. I simply asked for him to make a sign with the current date and my last name on place it beside the puppy we were discussing and he was unwilling. This leads me to believe this person is a solely after money gram transfers.