This company reached out to my via email for employment opportunity to work from home. There were not any initial red flags, so I emailed them back for the employment information packet. I received a call from Gregory Dicson (sounded foreign) but spoke pretty fluent English. He just wanted to advise he would be sending me an application to fill out and to send back to him. I attached the application that I was to fill out. I filled it out and sent it back. A few hours later I received an email that they were interested in having me join their team and to fill out two forms and to send them back with a picture of myself holding my drivers license. This is where I decided to look into this company as it seemed a little strange I would need to do that. After a few minutes of looking I found a handful of red flags. I hadn’t really taken notice to the grammar in the emails, but aside from that, the address they provide is a Plaza and no where in that Plaza is there a Delivery Company. I found multiple testimonies this is a scam. I am hoping that other people do not fall for this as I caught it early before I gave them any personal information. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!!