I received charges (Dec 2016)on my Chase checking account totalling $184.34 from Garcinia Elite. I never ordered this product and never received the product. Then out of the blue the package arrived last month (June 2017) so all this time it was at the post office. I took pictures and sent it back to the address on the package’ P O box 25380, Santa Ana CA 92799-5380 tracking # 9400111899564584215734 reference # 1:19640931964094. Whe i asked for a manager no one was available.Asked for a fax number or email I was redered to a website. | I never received a credit back to my account. I tried calling 1- 800 309 8590 (that was on the packing slip) spoke with Shinia but was hesitant to give her name at first, unsure if this was her correct name. She claimed to not be able to pull up any of my information and that she couldn’t help me. She seem to be talking to someone else in the background. The package was sent back to this address which I have pictures of it. I called another number | I called another number 1 855 972 9220 (Arizona) young man answered and he was able to pull up information but claim that it was nothing he could do. When I asked to speak to a manager no one was avaiable. Whe i asked for a fax number no fax. | As a Baton Rouge flood survivor $184.34 was a lot to be charged and for nothing.NEVER ORDERED THIS AND I SENT BACK WHAT WAS given to me by the post master.


  • Name: Pure Garcinia Elite
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Santa Ana
  • Address: PO BOX 25380
  • Phone: 1-888-378-9920
  • Website: