I hired this Pure Moving & Storage Corp and after the mover they assigned to me ripped me off and stole my money I call for them to help and they never even cared to answer to my calls or emails. They collected 530.00 to coordinate my move and sent fraudulent movers and when it was time to answer to my complaint in regards to the fraudulent company they sent. They never answered my calls or emails they shut me down completely. | THEY GAVE MY MOVE TO THEIR MOVING COMPANY OCEAN MOVERS AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED AND THEY HAVE HIDDEN FROM ME TO AVOID FACING THEIR RESPONSABILITY EVER SINCE. | I made a 530 dollar deposit payment after I was “ESTIMATED” based on a full detailed written inventory. I went over the charges several times and when i was picked up my move went up from $1530.00 to $2390.00!!!!!! Yes $2390.00 almost double what he “Quoted” when I said I could not pay that they told me that it’s okay they would leave but I would LOSE my deposit because they came to pick up and I refused service. I was in no place to lose my money so I had to allow them to take advantage of me and they also demanded a 75 dollar tip and the man called me cheap and miserable because I was only giving a 40 dollars demanded tip I just didn’t have more. I threatened them to report them with several agencies and the broker who referred them to me and they gave back $40 of the 75 demanded tip . | When they arrived at the delivery location they charged me $450 extra to rent a truck because supposedly their large truck would not be able to fit in that street. I had to pay it because they threatened me to leave stuff in the streets. I had to pay it and guess in what truck they showed up? Yes in the same 18 wheeler that wasn’t going to fit and at the top of that they told me at the beginning they were waving an additional 75 for elevator and I just didn’t have it at the money and they left all my belongings in the middle of the street in the sidewalk of my building. They never delivered it I had to hire two people to help costing and additional 350 to bring the brand new furniture upstairs. They never delivered, assembled,or finished the delivery. | Two 1800.00 speakers arrived broken and they never answered one call after delivery as they have of course call id and decided never to pick up the calls. They ruined my mattress , my 2000 dollar speakers, and a table. (STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS. I was unemployed at the time and the driver told me that I was probably unemployed because of how cheap I was crying for money. Be Careful Please IN their reap off unethical practices and the additional movers I had to pay to bring up my furniture that they so horribly left in the street , keep in mind that all of those extras were paid. I am a single mom and unemployed at the time, maybe that’s why they acted in such a predatory manner. This company put me in a bad hole financially and broke my most expensive valuables and never even cared to answer emails or pick up the phone to help. But always acted disgusted to deal with me after they secured my initial deposit payment. Customer service never got back to me at all. | Please also see the current Government Action They are undergoing for been such a thieves | Government Action | The following describes a pending government action that has been formally brought by a government agency but has not yet been resolved. We are providing a summary of the government’s allegations, which have not yet been proven. | As of December 28, 2018, The Office of Attorney General, State of Florida, Dept. of Legal Affairs, filed a complaint in federal court alleging violations of the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, as well as both federal and state moving statutes, against the following business and individual: | Ocean Moving & Storage Corp., located in Pembroke Pines, and principal Itai Carmel. | Allegations against the company include deceptive marketing and sales of household moving services, while holding consumers’ goods hostage for ransom in Florida and other states. Many of the victims are senior citizens. | The moving company, located in Broward county, allegedly used false or deceptive advertising to induce consumers to purchase moving services. The company proclaimed that the services were to be performed by highly trained, professional or expert movers. However, untrained laborers regularly performed the moves, often causing damage to, destroying or stealing the consumers’ property. | Many consumers allegedly received low-price, purportedly binding estimates from the company. In numerous instances, once the moving service began and the household goods were at least partially loaded onto moving trucks, the defendant substantially increased the prices. If consumers refused to pay the new higher amount, the complaint alleges that the defendant threatened to hold the consumers’ goods hostage for ransom and add fees to the demanded amount until the consumers paid the higher fee. | This complaint is part of an ongoing Florida Attorney General’s Office initiative with the U.S. Department of Transportation called Operation Moving Target. The complaint seeks a permanent injunction, consumer restitution and civil penalties from the moving company and principal(s). | For further information please contact: | Anyone suspecting deceptive or unfair business practices can file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office online at MyFloridaLegal.com or via phone at 1(866) 9NO-SCAM.


  • Name: Pure Moving & Storage Corp
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Fort Lauderdale
  • Address: 2000 W Commercial Blvd Ste 202C
  • Phone: (888) 655-8523
  • Website: www.pure-moving.com/