I have no idea how my ex and Stephanie kirkwood started talking but they did when I was pregnant. I had a gut feeling he was talking to her bc I first noticed her on his fb and never seen her at all before. I messaged her and asked if she was talking to him, like a child she is, she states that she doesnt even know me. Y do ubjave to know me? Clearly u know my childs father. She chose to ignore me. then I figured why not check his call history on my phone bill. Sure as sh1t Stephanie’s number is in that call list. They would talk everyday after he got out of work on his whole drive home. He would talk to her everytime I wasn’t around. I sent the bt1ch her number and said is this your number? I thought u weren’t talking to him? Lies and lies. I am sadly still being laughed at by him and her bc I have nowhere to go at the time. I am currently in nursing school, as soon as I get my state license I am out! I feel so embarrassed and ashamed since I’m still with him, not by choice.