The franchise closed with no written or telephone notice. I have been a client for over three years and have prepaid for nutritional bars ($206.00) that were kept in the store until needed. on 11/16/07 I purchased bars at their “open house”” that I never received. I returned to the center on 1/5/08 only to find a sign on the door saying they were closed and to take my business to Jenny Craig. Well Jenny Craig needs proof of the weeks you had remaining. How can you prove this when we never got receipts? They just wrote down the bars and weeks you purchased in your file. I wonder where our files are now

filled with personal info

not to mention credit card data

etc. How gullable and trusting we all were. How is it possible for a company to get away with this? Let’s make a class action suit! nAnonymousnSTATEN ISLAND

New YorkU.S.A.”