$97.00 was on hold with a charge from "PureCleanse" in my checking account yesterday with no contact information. Today, the PureCleanse $97.00 was withdrawn automatically from my account with a phone number of 866-544-0498 TX. I called the number and get a auto voice message that doesn’t pick up and directs you to an agent at chatsupport.com or to press "3" and leave your phone number for a return call. The Website allows you to send a text message because no Agent responds. I sent text message to immediately credit my account, I never ordered anything from PureCleanse with no reply from them. Then, I called back and hit "3" and left my cell number.I received a call back and the female Rep confirmed they removed charges for $97.00 and $59.99 from my account after I spoke to someone this morning. I confirmed I never spoke to an agent this morning. Agent told me they are a third party and work with many companies. I asked her what the company name is that billed me and she said "CannaPlus" – a Cannabis company!!! I never ordered EVER a Cannabis product!!! I told her this is the biggest SCAM I’ve ever had. She said "it’s not a scam because we refunded your money this morning" and then said "she was hanging up and hung up"!!!BE AWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!