Complaint: I was told I was going to get a 30 day free trial. Nowhere was it stated that if I did not return my free trial within 14 days, I would be billed for it. And, the price was not listed anywhere. I agreed to the free eye serum and the free moisturizer. (What is the point of a 30 day free trial if you have to return it within 14 days?) I received the free eye serum and the free moisturizer. No invoice, no further information. When I got my next surprise shipment, (again with no invoice, no further information), I called to inquire. I was told I didnu2019t return my 30 day free trial within 14 days, so, I was sent the surprise shipment. After complaining, I was told they would only charge me $22 per item (instead of $90 per item!). Although I was not happy with the surprise shipment, I said OK, if I only received a new shipment every 2 months instead of every month. When I got my charge card statement, I was shocked! I was changed $180 for my u201cfreeu201d trial, plus shipping! And, I was charged $180 for the second shipment after was told that it would only be $44.00. I called to complain, and was told there was nothing they could do about my past charges.

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