My husband ordered me some eye serum and facial cream from Purity Skincare. Not sure where he found the offer, but he paid for shipping only (about $10). Since I am suspicious of everything, I looked up products on Internet and found they were normally $50 each. Did some more reesarch and found out that many many skincare companies pull this scam where they send you a “free offer” amd then charge your credit card after 14 days. I called phone number on my phe agreed to cancel my account and let me keep the produacking slip and person I spoke to admitted it was a 14-day offer and my credit card would be charged. After much runaround he agreed to cancel my account and let me keep the product. I did receive a confirmation email from them, in case they do go ahead and charge my card. Fortunately, I called today, which is day 13 after the order date, or I probably would have been out of luck.


  • Name: Purity Skin Care
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: 877-362-8082
  • Website: