I hired PuroClean Colorado Springs in May 2016 to inventory and photograph each item of my personal property that was ruined in a water leak in my garage that occurred in May 2015. At the time of the water leak, I installed a new roof and cleaned up all water other than leaving the ruined personal property to deal with later. PuroClean promised to provide me with an accurate inventory with a photograph of each item before throwing it all into a 40 ft. roll off. When the job was done, I had to continually ask for my inventory and photographs which they never provided. They sent a few then told me they fired their employee who took all the photos for “stealing”, and that they thought he had discarded the photos. The owner, Matt Ryals, then showed up at my door last July, handing me a mechanic’s lien for $22,444, and actually said “I am sorry we screwed up your job, but you owe us $22,444 and if you don’t pay right now I am going to take your house from you, and I love your house. He then filed a Mechanic’s Lien. | I told him that I would pay them as soon as I received my completed inventory, and he has continued threatening me, refusing to provide what I hired them to do. I cannot file my personal property claim with State Farm due to their incompetence. I would have been better off to just handle it it myself, but I am a senior citizen and couldn’t do it. They billed for work they did not do, and acted as if they did a huge water/mold remediation, which is not true. They double/triple billed for employee hours, and added material items they did not provide. They then had the nerve to add an additional 20% profit to their bill and 20% overhead. They now are taking me to court, asking the judge to foreclose on my house. | These people are RIP OFF SCAM ARTISTS who are trying to steal my house! BEWARE!


  • Name: PuroClean Professional Restoration
  • Country: United States
  • State: Colorado
  • City: Colorado Springs
  • Address: 2110 Victor Place
  • Phone: 719-208-3773
  • Website: www.puroclean.com