These guys sent me wrong sizes (6 shirts were sent XS when I clearly ordered S). I only ordered shirts in S and there is no reason to make a mistake ike that. A few were sent proper sized, most were not. In addition, they sent me 2 shirts that were the same brand but different design than the ones that I ordered (and, as you can guess! wrong size.) Last, I ordered a sweatshirt (and coincidentally this was the most expensive item) and it wasn’t even sent. I emailed them and and got a reply from Kevin saying we are looking into this and that was 5 days ago. I have been emailing them nightly since and have not got a reply. I even got a hold of one of the online chat representatives (Lily) and all she said to me was “Dinner time

be back in 30″” and went offline. So I waited 30minutes

1 hour

1.5hr and she did not come back… big surprise! Don’t order from these guys … I paid well over $400 in merchandise and got screwed and am currently being screwed.”

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