IF YOU ARE A CLIENT PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THIS AGENCY. I’ve been with the agency for a year. I have worked over 10 events with them and every time I work one I say to myself “never again”. They are unorganized, scam artists. They pay the models 30-35% of what the client is actually paying. There’s a agency fee, finder fee, and booking fees. They say 20% agency fee is all but that’s a lie. There has been times that they mixed up the dates to an event. So I showed up on time at the location and waited to here from my agent an hour after so he can tell me the dates were mixed up. I did not get any pay for the inconvenience of me having to be up and at an event at 7am. There has also been multiple times my checks were not what they said I was getting paid. There also has been multiple time they extended my hours with no extra pay or overtime (11 hour shifts for 15 bucks an hour after they extended my hours) THEY ARE A SCAM AND A CHEAT .

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