The scam is complicated and detailed in an attempt to appear legitimate. The scammer utilizes a publically traded stock company (Qannas Investments Ltd.) in its attempt for the scam. Qannas is located in the Cayman Islands with offices around the world. It actually began with contact with a man named William Spielberg who claimed to be with a finance company in the UK called Willow Finance. The web site they use is a fake site created to appear to be like the original site for the actual company Willow Finance. After a time and no success with the scam Spielberg will refer you to a Mohammed Ariz, an alleged Business Development Manager of Qannas Investments. Ariz uses the above gmail email address claiming it is a legitimately used business account of Qannas. It is not!! Qannas does not allow the use of private email accounts for the conducting of company business with prospective or current clients of Qannas. Person claiming to be Ariz in transaction is another person fraudulently using the real Mohammed Ariz information. Qannas took the steps to protect their actual employee by suspending the actual Qannas email account for Ariz due to continued misuse of the account by the fraudulent person. So any email from the gmail account, as stated above, is an attempt to commit fraud. Emails received from the gmail account are definite frauds with fraudulent cut and pasted logos of Qannas within the mail. As well, a trace of the ip addresses used for the emails show that they do not come from any server network used by Qannas. When confronted with real information, questions and knowledge of banking and finance the person claiming to be Ariz will shut down communications and withdraw from the transactions as his lack of knowledge and understanding becomes apparent and will expose the scam attempt. Because Qannas is a public company finding their contact information can be obtained through their stock transfer agent which can be found on their website under investor relations.Following is a portion of the email I sent Ariz when scam was revealed to him:1) The lies told over your use of a Gmail account to conduct business as an alleged employee of Qannas2) Qannas would not and does not allow the use of a private email address for the conducting of company business with current or prospective clients3) Qannas is a publically traded company and has very strict Exchange and governmental reporting rules they must follow. Especially since their business is in the field of finance and they use investor funds for said business model. Your attempted scam circumvented many laws and company procedures that are required to be followed by Qannas as a public company.4) The emails you sent with Qannas’s logo on were frauds where the logo was cut and pasted in to the emails. A computer forensics expert verified that. An actual email from Qannas is not formatted in the fashion your emails to me were.5) Tracing the IP address of the emails you sent, including your reply herein below, does not and is not to or from the network servers utilized by Qannas in the UAE.6) Your obvious lack of knowledge as to the "stock buyback" Qannas will conduct and how it could and/or would impact transactions that are Qannas business structure going forward.