Per my discussion this morning with Tracy, I am forwarding you my request and demand for a full refund of the purchase price of my defective product. I provided you all my information and requested a call from Mr. Park and/or your attorneys to resolve this matter, and I reiterate that request once again. If by the end of business on 1/27/14 I do not receive a call or contact from either Mr. Park or your attorneys, you will leave me with no other alternative but to go ahead and proceed as promised to file a complaint with the FTC, Better Business Bureau, and EVERY other resource available to me. Please call me at 650-245-1343 to resolve this matter. As I stated above, if you choose to avoid trying to resolve this matter in a reasonable and fair way, you alone will be the party responsible for the outcome. I respectfully and sincerely hope you make a good choice – certainly better than the bad choice you made appealing the court’s ruling to uphold the judgement that you are required to pay over $11 million dollars as a result of false advertising. For the record, this is not a “money issue”” to me. This is about being responsible and honest in your business dealings – which QRay clearly has not done. The ball is clearly and squarely in your court – I hope you make the fair and correct business decision. I look forward to your timely reply… Sincerely

Peter Brewster. FOR THE RECORD: I DO NOT WANT TO OWN OR HAVE ANYTHING FURTHER TO DO WITH YOUR COMPANY ONCE THIS MATTER IS RESOLVED. I will make you a one time offer that is good until 5:00 p.m. P.S.T January 27

2014. In an attempt to be reasonable and fair

I will “”meet you half way”” and accept a refund for half the purchase price of my defective and fraudulent bracelet. Therefore

Q-RAY will issue me a check for$100.00 immediately – I will sign a release stating we have resolved this matter in it’s entirety – and will conclude our business. I will not negotiate any further about this matter. This is a “”TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT – ONE TIME ONLY OFFER””! Appeals Court Affirms Ruling in FTCs Favor in Q-Ray Bracelet Case FOR RELEASE January 7