Beware of this company, Quality Auto and Marine. We were told to take our boat here by the original company that we purchased our boat from to have a warranty issue addressed. One of our front ballasts on our boat had sarting leaking into the hull, we had a steering issue, and our bilge was not fuctioning properly. All of these issued were brought to the companies attention. Our first encounter with a woman named Andrea was pretty awful. She was full of attitude and told us that there would be no warranty on our boat and to come pick it up within two hours or she was going to have it towed. When we tried to explain to her that there would in fact be a warranty she became combative and was very rude. We made a few appropriate calls and Andrea was informed that there would be a warranty so to proceed with the work. They had our boat for approximately three weeks after the intital drop off. we were hoping to have the boat back by fourth of July. Tige’ was very accomodating and over nighted a new ballast bag to them, and Andrea informed us that she would be in no hurry to get our boat back to us before the 4th because “we aren’t their only customers”. Fair enough. The following week we did get our boat back….. here is where it really gets good. | We uncovered our boat to take it out for the first time yesterday and we were absolutely shocked at what we found. The interior was filthy! I say that because I personally deatiled our boat before with put the cover on it and put it in climate controlled storage for the winter. It looked as though the boat had the cover taken off and then was left to sit outside in the elemnts the entire time it was at their business. There were dried water puddles on the seats, dirt in all of the cracks, and debris on the floor. When I walked into the bow of the boat there was so much water soaked into the upholstery that there were bubbles coming out of the seams of the cushions. Once we turned the key on we were disturbed to find that 20 hours had been put on our boat and our 40 gallon gas tank was Empty. When winterizing a boat in our area it is critical to store the boat with a full tank of gas to prevent “sweating” on the inside of the tank. We of course took this precationary measure but somehow that gas disappeared. Additionally there were many screws left in cup holders that the company took out to work on the boat and didn’t care to put them back properly. There are parts of upholstery just sitting in place not attached at all. We have a nice after market stereo in our boat and now only half of the speakers work. Ben the owner had told my husband that they would need to move two of our amps to access the front ballast but when we called them to find out why the boat came back to us the way that it did all they did was defend themselves, claim that they never moved the amps, and cussed and yelled profanities at us. | Here is a break down of all of the things that were wrong when we got our boat back: | stereo no longer working properly | 7 foot scratch down the side of the boat | a dent on our trailer with yellow paint where it was clearly hit with a forklift | screws sitting in cup holders, never put back | parts of upholstery no even screwed back into place, where it was secure before you can now wiggle them with a gentle hand. | heater hoses were not hooked back up | extremely dirty boat | 20 hours put on the boat | empty gas tank when it was dropped off full | ballast still not working, only one side didn’t work when we dropped it off and now neither of the front ballast work | With all of these issues we contacted the company and as soon as we raised a concern Andrea started getting defensive, did not want to hear what we had to say. She immediately said that we were accusing her of something to which i responded that I was not accusing anyone of anything I simply wanted answers as to why our boat left our possession without any of these problems and that once we got it back from them all of this stuff mysteriously occured. All she wanted to tell me about was why didn’t need to use my boat because of some kind of boat she has. Who cares? She then told me that they have 24 hours survelliance so I suggested that she review their surveillance cameras because if none of these errors happened on their watch then they should be concerened about vandalisim in the parking lot. She didn’t care about anything I had to say. I was in mid sentence when she just handed the phone off to Ben. | When I tried to address my concerns with Ben he didn’t care at all. I was telling him about the screws sitting in cup holders and rather than offering to have us bring the boat out to look at it together they just watned to tell us all the things wrong with our concerns. It was an aboslute disaster, he had zero respect for me in allowing me to address my concerns, he was curt and rude, cut me off while I was trying to talk etc. At that point my husband got on the phone to better explain the issues and at that point Ben lost it and told my husband to go f*^k himself f*^k off and to suck his [email protected] They also followed up by telling us that we must be f*king high right before they hung up on us. It really is a shame that this company isn’t willing for even a moment to try and make it right or to even hear the customers concerns and see if there is any validity to it. They didn’t offer to make it right or even look at it they just wanted to be argumentative, defensive, and vulgur. They have zero humility and a LOT of attitude. Despite the positive reviews that are online, lets be real here, its a total crapshoot. | I would never recommend this company to anyone. The chance that it will come back without issues is slim. Also if you look closely at the reviews posted online, there are multiple positive reviews from the same email address. When we spoke to the referring company they told us that we are not the first customers who have had this issue with this company but that they did not know how to handle or address the siuation. We contacted Tige’ directly and they won’t even pay Quality Auto and Marine for the “work performed” because of what we shared with them.


  • Name: Quality Auto & Marine Repair
  • Country: United States
  • State: Idaho
  • City: Dalton Gardens
  • Address: 108 E Hanley Ave
  • Phone: 208-664-2260
  • Website: