Worst company in the world they worked on my moving truck, and installed a hitch and I drove the truck for 7 hours with my trailer attached it to and the hitch started to come off, they didn’t refund my money and this could of killed me and the driver if it ripped off plus they didn’t install our electrical brake wires under the truck because they didn’t have time and wanted to go home early on a Friday night and said to come back but they did manage to charge me the full price $400+ for the repairs plus $260 for the tow to them, the workers they have don’t know what they are doing and are not DOT certified, they are illegal immigrants that don’t speak English. Our truck broke down and I had to buy a new one and have them put the same wiring and hitch on the new truck and I had to leave my old truck their now they want storage of $25 a day and wont give me a discount even though they said I could have it there for 30 days. These guys are unethical and don’t hold up to there word. Plus I have proof, I had a real DOT certified shop in MN install a new hitch on because the one they installed was coming off. i spent $1200.00 more in repairs to get the truck corrected. Jeremy manager, Brandy and Jessica are the worst they will lie and steal your money and not take accountability for their actions. I took a pic of my truck they took the hitch off of and i uploaded my invoice that I had to pay a new company to fix my truck and do the same thing they were suppose to do!

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