The trailer was poor quality in general which makes their name ironic. The craftsmanship was very poor from the seams in the trailer, to the immediate rust issue, to the axle being mounted 1″ off of center which eventually led to worn out bearings, tire rubbed on inside wall and supposedly a bent spindle causing $850 in damage. When I filed a claim against the supposed 3 year warranty they first told me that I needed to bring my trailer 1700 miles to have them do the warranty work. They should not sell trailers in other states if they will only do warranty work in Georgia that is very misleading and decieving. | When I told them that my trailer was immobile and that I counted on it to make a living, the manufacturer didn’t want to deal with me so he sent me to deal with his axle subcontractor Suretrac. Suretrac picked a trailer shop they trusted to diagnose and fix the problem but by the time they had diagnosed the problem Suretrac was closed. So the trailer shop per therir instructions documented the damage and their finings with pictures and a written description emailed to Suretrac. | Suretrac had stated verbally to me as well as the trailer shop they would be paying for the repairs so the trailer shop replaced the axle the next day but by the time the work was complete because of the time difference Suretrac had closed and I needed my trailer for work the next day so I had to pay for repairs with the intent of being re-imbursed from suretrac. When I called Suretrac the next day they refused to pay for anything and said their intent was to ship the parts from Georgia to Colorado because that would cost them less money with no regard for my ability to go to work or make money. After several months of fighting with Quality Cargo and Suretrac they agreed to pay $350 of the $850 cost even though it was well documented by their trailer store that it was a manufacturer defect.


  • Name: Quality Cargo Trailers
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Nashville
  • Address: 7977 US-129
  • Phone: 229-686-5674
  • Website: