We made an online reservation and payment for two nights at the Quality Suites Central in Colorado Springs, for Friday, Sep 30, 2016 and Saturday, Oct 1, 2016. We have been Choice Members since March 2004. This is our first negative review in hundreds of stays. It almost caused to quit the Choice Hotels brand. We arrived early afternoon and there were almost no cars in the parking lot. We stood at the front counter for about 5 minutes and then we were asked to walk around to the other hotel front desk at Clarion. We checked in and went to our room which seemed really far from the front of the hotel. We later learned that all of the rooms are placed far from the two hotelu2019s front desks. We needed to drop off our luggage and get away to Pikeu2019s Peak. My wife asked me to check the WIFI, and Iu2019m glad I did. Only 1 bar and zero connectivity. The front desk woman Taylor W. instructed me to call a support number which was in Milwaukee. A bright tech named Corey and 35 minutes wasted, and no internet. Corey said it was an old system. We have multiple devices, none connected properly. We gathered our luggage and went way back to Taylor at the front desk. She offered us a room in Clarion stating their WIFI was better. No it wasnu2019t. Only 1 bar and zero connectivity. I called the front desk and Taylor offered us a free night to compensate us. Back at the front desk I decided to overlook the no WIFI and take the free night. As soon as I agreed, Taylor W. recanted said the free night was only a voucher for a later date valid only here! Wow, now this? We got the hotel owner Ted Jaroz involved. Unfortunately, Ted refused us the offered free night! We wasted a full two hours. So now, you get to read this negative review. We found another local hotel that is part of Choice Hotels also. The from desk manager said, u201cOh no, you donu2019t want to stay at either Bijou street hotelsu201d. I asked why and she said; u201cItu2019s old and run-down, has parking lot security problems with the homeless, and of course WIFI problems.u201d Our other Choice hotel was clean, new, and perfect WIFI. Thanks for readingu2026 Greg & Carol.

314 W Bijou St, Building A, Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

(719) 471-8681