Contacted by Gene and told he had a buyer for my timeshare. Gave me the buyer’s phone number so I could talk to him. Gene then told me that I needed to send him $1,500.00 for title search etc.. After all this was done I was then told that I would receive a check for $14,000 upon completion of all necessary paper work from National Title Co. which was charging a fee of $1,200 for the completion of closing costs. They sent a copy of the check that I would receive once I sent them their fee. The check was a fraud, a very poor made out copy. I refused to send them anything and took the copy of check to my local bank were they informed me that it was a bad check. The QVC company has now blocked any phone calls to their number.. I demand I would love to recieve the $14,000 I was promised but I know that it won’t happen. I want everybody to know that QVC is a SCAM.. Stay away

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