The scammer goes by the name Laquane Bailey/Quan Bailey/Quan Fitt. He promotes himself online as if he’s affiliated with Nike and other big brands. He’s not. He reaches out to people inquiring about personal training. He asks for a large deposit to ensure his services and guarantees money back if not satisfied. He never showed up for any of the training. Turns out he isn’t even allowed to work out in the places he take his supposed clients. The address he gave me was some old gym in his building. He’s a fraud. He lives in some overpriced place in Chicago and posts him traveling all over or acting as if he trains so many people but it’s all a lie! He owes me a lot of money. He asks for the money through apps (not PayPal) because he knows they won’t issue a refund if you’re scammed and there’s nothing your bank can do it about.