I had a simple request from this place, 2 pieces of granite with the total of 8 square feet. the owner promised to finish the job in 4 days from the time of the order. After 4 days, I got 2 pieces,but the polishing and edges were unfinished and one of a the pieces had a deep crack across its whole length. I went back to the showroom and asked the owner to finish the polishing of the edges and change the piece with the crack. The owner tries to sell me the idea that they are not capable of polishing both corners of the edges. After a few back and forth. he finaly agrees to finish the polishing and change the cracked piece. After 3 weeks ofcalling them, they tell me they finished the work. I pick up the 2 pieces, only to realize that the new piece was not cut to the size in the contract, and in consequence I couldnt install it. I go back again to the showroom, explain to the owner how the piece is larger than what we signed for. He denies it, and would not agree to measure it infront of me or cut it, unless I pay an extra 75$. After explaining it to him 3 times that his size is wrong he agrees to cut it to the right measurements. A job that takes 5 minutes at most. Two weeks go by, and avoiding every signle phone call, I go back to the showroom and ask the owner what is going on. the owner’s beautiful response is: “I don’t feel like fixing it…””. Out of rage

I ask one of his workers to measure the piece and explain to the owner how it is their mistake and not mine. The worker agrees with me

after taking the measurements. And I had to walk out with an unfinished granite piece.”

1629 Route Transcanadienne Dorval, Quebec Canada

514 461 2220