Complaint: I was told by a Barrister Nicola Fox:7031990414 I had iherited 4.3millionGBP and the funds were in Barclays Investment Bank.She referred me To the Accounts Officer in charge Quest Daemon:7031992366 who proceeded to request continuous fees to have the money released to me.In total$150.000.00AUD so far.Now they say the money has been sent to a US Authority checking division and I need to pay a further 144,000.00GBP to have the money released to my Australian account.The man in the checking division is John Cruett:0011 19402381669. I had to pay a Funds Release Fee of 50,000.00GGBP to a Tom Watson:7031999271. I hope the following information helps. Passport: No;707481012DOB:8-Sept/Sept 67 DOI:17June/June 10 DOE:29Nov/Nov20. Authority FCO 707481012 4GBR5309085M2011297 Drivers License: Daemon Quest 22-8-1967 London a)30-4-99 b)29-4-13 DVLA Daemon 756024CJ6YL River Crescent Waterside Way NottinghamNG2 B BE BI CI CIE DI DIE fkinp Quest DaemonAccount No:41548379 Sort Code:40-42-04 IBAN:GB62MIDL40420441548379SWIFT BIC:MIDLGB215415

Tags: City Officials

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