Complaint: I saw this ad for Quibids by accident while on another site, and it caught my eye because it was advertising an Apple Ipad for $27 and some change…….so then I watched the video which was on a national news show and seemed valid. I signed up and in a matter of two days had spent way more than intended and I am NOT a gambler so throwing my $$$ away is hard to accept. There is no way to win the live auctions unless you have countless hours and a bottomless bank account. The bids you must purchase are expensive and go quickly!!!! They start you out at the “beginner bid auction”” that is “”rigged”” so you “”win”” 25 more bids and then you are hooked and think you can really win. Sure

Tags: Sales People

Address: you might get a $100 gift card for $3 or an Ipad for $30

Website: 405-253-3883

Phone: but it cost you $100 + or more in bids to “”maybe”” get there………………………….. I am angry about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!”