Incident Report from my encounter with Quick Response Automotive & Diesel Repair, Traveling from New York to California me and my son stopped in New Castle, IN for a night. While looking for a laundry mat after checking into a hotel the front driver’s side wheel fell off my car due to a ball joint bolt that was never torqued after the car was serviced in NY by Sunrise Chevrolet Service Center located in Forest Hills, NY. We were very lucky to have been off the Highway when this happened. We were driving at 20 – 25mph which allowed me to stop before further damage or injuries could occur. We had the car towed by a flatbed to the Quick Response Automotive & Diesel Repair’s garage. Grahm the owner of the company told us what was needed to fix the wheel knowing that we would be back on the Interstate driving at speed limits around 70 to 80mph. He gave us an estimate and told us he could get the parts he needed within a day and have us up and running in two which was about the only promise he kept. We picked the car up from Gram but noticed a knocking in the gears as we drove. Uncomfortable to get back on the Interstate with this noise we took the car to Sam Pierce Chevrolet Service Center the day after Quick Response Automotive & Diesel Repair was finished with it. Once the car was put up on a lift the mechanics immediately notified us that no new parts were installed and that the ball joint was not only not torqued again the bolt they installed was stripped and unable to be torqued or even tightened at all. When the wheel fell off the axel shaft ripped out of the transmission. Quick Response Automotive & Diesel Repair charged us for an Axel Shaft, Lower Ball Joint, Wheel Hub, Trans Seal, Speed Sensor, Wire Plug, and 7 quarts of transmission fluid which is the only thing he actually had to replace if it was new. Sam Pierce Chevrolet Service Center’s manager will corroborate the date in which the car was inspected and revealed to have old broken parts and that none of the parts said to be replaced on the Quick Response Automotive & Diesel Repair’s receipt were new. I immediately called Grahm at Quick Response Automotive & Diesel Repair and told him what was happening and sent him picture of his work. He blamed mechanics and said one of them had returned the parts he purchased himself for one reason or another. He asked for a day to find out what was going on. He personally came to our hotel and promised a full refund. He signed our receipt, returning all charges in full with the amount and a signature. Weeks past and every time I called him he had another excuse until the day I called and his number was no longer his. This man lied about the parts, lied about the refund, and put broken parts on a car he knew would be traveling at high speeds the minute it was fixed. He put my life in danger and if it wasn’t for the sound in the transmission I believe a much worse incident would have happened. I have signed receipts and picture of the broken parts installed on my car along with Sam Pierce Chevrolet’s Service Manager willing to corroborate the date this fraud was found out. .

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