Quicken Canada Intuit ,parent Company, Mountain View, California Intuit Canada Quicken is trashing customer’s data files Vancouver, BC Nationwide!!. Let me recite some ancient history. I purchased Quicken Version 1.0 which came on a single floppy disk (1.38 megabytes compressed). This software lets users input their financial transactions which are saved to a database.___ At this time Microsoft released Windows 3.1 and would soon release Windows 95. New computers were often shipped with a complimentary copy of Quicken. The Quicken (Intuit) company employed proprietary database protocols, so that it’s data files could only open with a current copy of Quicken.___As the years passed, Quicken introduced synchronized banking where users could download their banking accounts. I never used that option since I’ve had problems with my bank where I’ve found $100 dollars of errors. It made sense to me to keep my own records to make sure I wouldn’t

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