I submitted my idea with the Quirky company 4 years ago for an invention called the 4 way charing board. The Quirky company promise me if I submitted my idea to the company, an if it get’s picked, they will make my idea become a reality. So I submitted my idea to the Quirky company, I made it through the different process stage with a highly like of my product, with positive reviews from the company, so when I got to the last process, they denied my product, due to the company saying their was a product like the one I submitted that already exist, which didn’t even exist at all, I never even heard or seen the product sell in stores at all, which was an charger product that came with a big battery, that you had to charge, while the phone was on their, that the Quirky company said that existed, which didn’teven exist. The carry was “supposedly been Radio shack at the time, So after I receive the bad news my product being denied, I look back at my statement, and I did mention in my statement, when I was explaining my product, the charging board doesn’t require a big battery to charge my product, from their I knew I was robbed out of my idea, and when I called the company, they claiming they don’t sell ideas to other company’s and their there to make money their to, so when I wasn’t buying their story, I wanted proof they didn’t steal my idea, so when I ask to speak with a person with higher power, that’s over them, the representative didn’t won’t to transfer me, I do believe someone in their was telling him not to transfer me. So a few weeks later, I seen my invention on Tv like big name carrys like T-mobile, At&t and more carriers.


  • Name: Quirky, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: New York
  • Address: 606 West 28th Street, Floor 7
  • Phone: 1-866-578-4759
  • Website: www.quirky.com/