Complaint: I went to this place to try something different from the usual “Scrubway””. I get in there and decide to try the “”steak hogie””. Well the girl is making up my order and everything is going fine until the “”manager”” comes over and is watching her very closely. She looks very nervous and she tells me to go ahead and have a seat and she will bring my order out when its ready. I sit just far enough away that I now hear the manager scold her about “”putting too much meat on my sandwich”” She says sorry- he just grabs the sandwich from her and puts it on some sort of scale. He then yells and pushes her pretty hard. He doesn’t know I’m watching and he then proceeds to take some meat off my sandwich. While he mumbles obscenities to her. This was very unpleasant to watch to say the least. But I didn’t want to get her in trouble so I said nothing. She brought me my food and tried to smile but I could tell the hell that she obvioulsy goes through for this guy. When I bit into the sandwich it really didn’t taste right (even though Ive never ate here before) and was kind of undercooked

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Address: but again I didn’t want to say anything to get this guy to beat on his employee again. So I just ate a small portion and decided to head on down to Scrubway. Well

Website: KentuckyU.S.A.”

Phone: I didn’t even make it 5minutes down the road before I started feeling really funny and then literally sh** my pants. I had to go home and change and then I threw up. I was sick for about three days from this “”food”” and am really mad