they called my husband saying he qualified for 5k but he had to pay 200 from steam cards after they asked 300 from steam cards to pay the fees of ppi after they said he couldnt get the loan on his bank card because of his credit score so he was gonna get his koney from money gram but to get reference number we had to pay 400 $ but with walmart gift cards so after he gave them al that money they said he had to pay 400 for irs but my husband had no more money so they said it was his decision theres no cancellation so he had to send those 400 or he wont have reference number activated so thats when i started looking online i saw the reviews nd i just got my husband nd told him u just got scammed i just called the real kwikcash nd they said that the never ask money nd yes the real one is in irvine no in the olympic !please ppl be aware ima be going to take recorded phone call to the news to report it nd for everyone to know nd be aware of these scammers they just took 900 from our pockets