Complaint: Rory Coetzee SHOULD NOT BE HIRED. I hired this man and his law firm to handle my family law matter in Monterey Superior Court. The work he did was terrible and he forgot half of the things that were crucial to my case. His speaking ability in court is terrible and I even heard him asking other lawyers how he is doing. He is new to Monterey and has no clue what he is doing. I believe he was fired from a firm in San Jose. It took me two weeks to get a hold of him when I needed immediate feedback. When I finally got a hold of him he told me he could not represent me at my hearing because I needed to pay him more money!!! I already gave him thousands of dollars, my whole savings, and he got nothing done. In the end he revised the numerous overcharges on my bill, but got nothing accomplished in court. He then sent me the same bill that he agreed to amend saying I owed him an additional $8000. THIS FOR ONE HEARING. I have used attorneys many times and I have never seen one so blatantly inflate his bills and all and all overcharge with no regard for his client. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this man, he is only there to take money, do nothing, then bill you for more of his law ignorance. My previous attorney I had used for many years died, so I needed a new one. That is the only reason I found this so called attorney. In times where my previous attorney did twice the amount of work, I was only charged a fourth of what this man tried to charge me. I am going to take him before the state bar and ensure that he can not prey on innocent people anymore.

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Address: 2600 Garden Road Monterey, California USA


Phone: 831-275-1191