I’m a former employee of R3 Government Solutions. While working with R3 I experienced a very unprofessional environment. Very negative tretment from the Vice President of Strategic Development Lara A. Alderson. Lara A. Alderson has lied about the job. I was not paid for work that was done for R3 and the federal government. Lara A. Alderson has alter work for the government. R3 has had contractor to work on other asignment while billing the federal government for time that wasn’t worked. Kristin H. Berry is the President of the company. And she knows everything that Lara A. Alderson is doing. R3 Government Solutions lied and didnt pay out bonus to there employee’s. This is a company the I would keep my eye on. There very very unprofessional government contracting company. I would recommend the federal government stop doing business with R3 Government Solutions. And I would not remmend any good contractor to work for this company. .

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