Raaga Indian Restaurant Raaga Seriously sickened and ill after lunch meal Chapel Hill NC!!. This is an update to an incident which occurred after my boyfriend and I had lunch at this place. When we arrived at 12:30 on a weekday afternoon, there was only one other couple present. This should have been concerning to us as other eateries in the area were packed with customers. This restaurant was either very unsanitary or deliberately tainted my plate to cause me to become very sick. Or, perhaps the employees just did not like interracial couples. Nonetheless, I would like to hear from anyone who has gotten sick following a meal at Raaga. Below is what happened back in March 2018. It is 12:30 pm on Saturday afternoon, and I am finally beginning to feel better following a bout with food poisoning. After having lunch at this place, I thought that I would end up in the ER. By the way, lunch at Raaga was my only meal of the day. Six hours following our meal, I became serio

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Raaga Indian Restaurant