I worked for Regional Adjustment Bureau (RAB) for nine (9) months. During that time, I witnessed the company engaging in practices which I believe are deceitful and unethical and, in my opinion, would cause the company to lose their license to engage in debt collection practices. Additionally, I was put in a situation by a fellow employee who may or may not be a manager (it’s really difficult to tell sometimes) where I believed I was about to be physically assaulted. | First, the company cold calls business owners out of Reference USA, a service which is provided through your local library. When the phone is answered, it’s usually a receiptionist or secretary that screens calls. When asked who is speaking, RAB will identify themselves as Integrated Systems, Regional Builders, or some other company name which is ficticional. Should the receptionist or secretary inform the caller that the person they wish to speak with is unavailable, they will be told that they have a note on their desk to call them back right now, if you let them know it’s me on the phone, they’ll take the call. On many occasions, this works and the call is passed through. They make all phone calls anonymous or use spoofing technology to mask their real telephone number. On many occasions, the use of these tactics are successful. However, in my opinion, they are unethical. Do you really want to start a business relationship on flat out lies and deceit? | Second, on April 11th, 2018 I was put in a situation where I believed I was going to be physically assaulted by Robert Fouse, a fellow employee. Placing another employee in fear of his physical safety is not just wrong or bad for a company in general, it’s against the US Department of Labor’s Workplace Violence Program. Kelly Broome, who is the Director of Commercial Sales, actually stated in a meeting that he supports the actions of Robert Fouse and Rusty Zercher, who is the Chief Operating Officer, stated that nothing occured which he is uncomfortable with. | If you are in need of professional collection services, there are many reptuable companies which are available. Please do not support a company like this. If you are considering working for this company, or if you’ve received an offer of employment, please rethink your decision. There are better companies out there.


  • Name: RAB, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Plano
  • Address: 6504 International Parkway Suite 2100
  • Phone: 1.800.580.0491
  • Website: www.rabtx.com/