Don’t buy scam cost $10


My Complaint: Stream channels live as an alternative to watching them on cable or satellite. Others might also not like that it doesn?t offer unique access to content that wouldn?t otherwise be available. It obviously doesn?t help that the company?s ads are higher on rhetoric and vague references than actually explaining how the thing works. Not to mention they gloss over the fact it?s a $10 annual subscription after the first year?s up. But the bottom line is that it does do what it?s supposed to in that it brings streaming content from a number of sources onto your computer.

There are, of course, some notable caveats to consider. Since Rabbit TV can only show movie content which is already freely available on the Internet, the selection is less-than-enticing. To get a feel for what you can expect, go visit Crackle and have a look at what it offers. Also, though the Rabbit TV says it offers access to local TV stations from across the nation, that doesn?t appear to be entirely true. There?s precious little available from New York, and Oregon isn?t represented at all.

Is Rabbit TV?s commercial and website shady? We?ll leave that for you to decide, but we do think it could stand to be more transparent in explaining how it actually works to aggregate and deliver the content. Vague Rabbit TV advertising is nothing new in business.


My Demand: Don’t Buy