Complaint: Rachael Harwell uses Instagram on her cellular phone during Sonic work hours and even during Sonic’s busiest time, Happy Hour! Customers are waiting for food and this carhop is on her phone liking Instagram posts!Rachael Harwewll Instagram profile is makeeitraen. She changed the name from makeeitrayn probably to hide her usage and the manager, Carl Braucht, could not check when she posts!Rachael lies to her manager, Carl Braucht, and he believes everything Rachael tells him. Carl will not do anything about his employees because he is afraid of them. Rachael feels she can get away with anything and she does because Carl does nothing! Rachael says Carl is “all bark and no bite””. She tells customers that when it gets busy he only does the order taking or fountain in the back! He is a puppet and Rachael runs over him because she has been there a long time!On Saturday

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: July 19

Website: Instagram member its_laurenpaige_ posted a photo on Instagram. See the photo on this report. The newest ‘likes’ from other members are posted to the top of the list in the ‘likes’ section. Rachael

Phone: 2014