He (the boyfriend) and I had been talking for a while and decided to take our relationship to the next level by announcing to everyone that we were officially dating. She (Rachael), this ex of multiple times, who had screwed him over numerous times while he was deployed, decided that she suddenly wanted to be his “friend” again. Started sending him random texts: “You’ll probably marry this one. I just hope nothing changes between ‘us’…”, late night texts: “what are you doing, why won’t you talk to me, you’re so rude (because he told her he and I were in the middle of a movie)”, “you’re so amazing! I hope you know I’m thinking about you and I love you!” blah blah. Red flags went up immediately but…why fight something that was going to happen, y’know? He was allowing it to happen and obviously wasn’t seeing what was going on. “She’s just a friend, babe. I send out random texts to people to let them know I’m thinking of them, all the time.” || Ok then how come if she’s your best friend…she 1) didn’t ask to meet me? 2) Suddenly JUST decide she wants to rekindle the “friendship”? || *shrugs* Words would have fell upon deaf ears, so I bit my tongue and shrugged it off. I trusted him to make the right judgment call. I was wrong. Anywho, we make plans to move in together and I go back to my hometown to pack everything up and settle my affairs (quit the job, put in the 30 day notice for the apartment, say goodbye to the family and friends, after all, I was moving 1500 miles away to be with him..) and while I’m home, Rachael decides she wants to suddenly hang out with him all the time and that she needs help with her “evil live-in baby daddy”. He, in all his Capt. “Save-A-Hoe”ness is there for her and her problems. ‘Cause Lord knows she can’t do anything on her own and she didn’t make her own bed. I digress. He and I started arguing. He wanted me to be friends with her when I moved out there, I said I wanted nothing to do with her because I knew precisely what type of girl she was and I had no desire to be around such a bad person. Of course, this was the inevitable outcome. A week before I was supposed to move out there, he called, made up some BS excuses about how he was “too busy for a gf” and broke it off. I was mad and more than just a little hurt. Mainly because I was dumb to trust him to make the right judgment call, especially when it was right in front of his face. || Here’s where the story gets f**ked: Less than a week later, he courtesy calls to inform me that he has a girlfriend (he knew I would find out and he said I deserved to hear it from him). Guess who? Rachael. I blew up and called him every name under the sun. He then tells me that she wants to talk to me about it. I scoffed and said, “you might play her games but I’m not going to. Besides, what part of her white trash brain thinks that her ears are entitled to hear what my voice sounds like? Not a good idea, BABE and it’s not going to happen.” To this day…she still hasn’t had the privilege of hearing my voice. || I tell him the only reason she wanted him back was because he was dating me and she was jealous (her and I are like…on COMPLETELY different spectra of the human race…) and to simply tell her that he and I were over and we’re never speaking again. Less than 24 HOURS LATER, he calls apologizing. She broke up with him within 5 MINUTES of him telling her that he and I were no longer on speaking terms. It was all just a game and she won. Congrats! Homewrecker. However, that was only the first quarter. He and I resolved everything, He permanently kicked the trifling, white trash, mutt whore to the curb and now, proud to say: we’re living together and are quite content. Class over Trash ALWAYS prevails.