Let me start off by saying I was not the best boyfriend. But I have my reasons… Rachel Gerstorff and I were together 6 years and we have a child together, I have 2 other children from previous relationships that she took in as her own from the start. I started to fall out of love as suspicious things started to happen such as, lies about going places with her friends, lies about staying at friends houses, the secretive drug use, and lying about her hours at work. Let me say I have engaged in conversations with other females, sexual conversations but I had never acted on it, I did those things out of spite and suspicion… well an argument came about one night 3 years ago and she left for a few days… she was ”staying at her moms house” when really she left my child there and went on a f**k marathon with a coworker who had started my suspicion. His name was Travis, don’t remember the last name but that ended quickly when she realized he had nothing, not a pot to piss in and she would be homeless if she kept doing this stuff… I fell out of love after that and slept with one of her friends out of spite and it was a one time thing. Well I started having my neighbors tell me she was sneaking a guy in while I was working thirds and it had been going on for a long time, I just never knew but I had suspicions… come to find out it was a guy that I knew well and considered him family, so I decided to stay out one night with my brother and his roommates. When I got home the next morning it turned into an arguement and I was accused of cheating by her and my best friend which was not true. My best friend wanted to f*** her, I found text messages from him and her before just never said anything cause I was already done just was looking for a way out… I cheated for a year straight out of pain and spite… funny part is the person she accused me of cheating with is the person I’m with now so fair is fair… glad she left, she’s nasty, an addict, and very unfaithful when she doesn’t get her way physically and emotionally… and now she’s stuck and miserable with my ex friend. Lmao jokes on you too miserable slores!!!!