This is Rachel Glenn. A married woman who met my husband on Facebook. At the start of this year her and my husband were talking way to much. He was talking to her more than me. I got mad and told her to leave him alone. Anyway I thought she did but then my husband started going for midnight”walks”. A few months later I was up at in the hospital when my mom was dying. The night my mom died I asked my husband to use the flashlight on his phone. When I had it I saw messages he grabbed the phone from me and deleted the messages and handed the phone back…only my messages were on there. I knew something was up from that and the walks so I broke up with him. Few months later I found out he had been dating her 4 months before I broke up with him. She was the one he was off seeing in the night. || She’s married and she is cheating on her husband but I can’t tell her husband because she controls his Facebook. To make matters worse my husband always treated me like carp for being a stay at home mom to our kids. So I finally had a job for 2 years and he cheats on me with a stay at home mom! She is way more ugly than me, and not very bright sounding, and my husband keeps trying to have sex with me because I’m more”sexual” than her and she sucks at sex…..I just don’t understand any of it. And she knew my mother was dying yet they did what they did to me. This is the worst year of my life. She lives around Mount Morris, Mi.