Here is the interaction with the Warranty service to replace a broken cable for my iPhone. 20 Wasted minutes trying to get a replaced $13 cable. What a total rip-off. GoToAssist: Your representative has arrived. Jeff (11:49:07): Thank you for contacting Radio Shack Protection Plans eChat. My name is Jeff, and I will be happy to assist you with your claim today. What product do you need to file the claim on please? Debbie (11:50:47): an iphone cable for charging. Debbie (11:50:59): I went to the store and they couldn’t do it said to contact you all Jeff (11:51:26): Okay, thank you. Was this the cable you purchased on 05/01/2013? Debbie (11:51:38): yes Jeff (11:51:58): Thank you. What is the issue you are having with the cable, and when did the issue begin please? Debbie (11:52:03): I purchased a replacement a few weeks ago because they wouldn’t honor the warranty Jeff (11:52:22): I’m sorry about that. Debbie (11:52:28): The cable where it plugs into the phone has broken Debbie (11:52:37): I can send a photo if you would like Jeff (11:52:46): Oh no. How did that happen? Debbie (11:53:01): no idea, I don’t pull from the cable at all Debbie (11:53:18): It is still attached but the wires are showing Debbie (11:53:27): totally worn away Jeff (11:53:54): Okay, thank you. Let me take a look at your plan details to see what options we have. Thank you for waiting. Jeff (11:57:07): I am so sorry, and I hate to provide bad news, but this plan does not cover that sort of damage. It only covers failures internally. If there is any sort of damage at all, the plan does not cover it. You might want to consider contacting the manufacture, because if there was some sort of defect, they may be able to assist you. The manufacture was Auvio, and you can contact them at 866-315-0426. Again, I am very sorry about that. For your records, I have documented this for you using incident number 28157518. Do you have any questions? Debbie (11:58:50): What I was told when I purchased this plan that it covers if the cord falls apart. I did nothing to this cord – I can’t believe you all are not honoring this warranty Jeff (11:59:35): I am sorry. I am honoring the terms of the warranty. Unfortunately, we cannot honor any verbal agreements you may have made with the store. Debbie (11:59:36): Why would I purchase a plan if it would not cover the cord? Jeff (11:59:54): I wish I had better news for you. I am sorry. Debbie (11:59:55): It is a mechanical failure Debbie (12:00:02): who else there can I talk to? Jeff (12:00:57): I’m sorry. There is no one else that can assist you with this because the plan does not provide the coverage for this issue. You might consider speaking with the sales manager at the store that provided you with wrong information. Debbie (12:01:34): I am going to leave feedback on Ripoff Scams and yelp – I guess I might get someone who cares! Jeff (12:02:15): I do care. I’m sorry RadioShack provided you with the incorrect information. I have provided you the best care possible. I am sorry you are not satisfied. Debbie (12:02:16): The warranty states it will replace failures do to normal wear and tear including power surges. I am reading it Section 3 Jeff (12:03:11): Keep reading, it does not cover accidental damage. The end being tore off constitutes accidental damage. Debbie (12:04:03): It is not torn off it is on it is worn down that is all Debbie (12:04:15): It does not say anything about accidental coverage on my warranty either, It is not an accident it is worn from being handled Jeff (12:05:48): Section 4 states the exclusion to service due to damage to the product due to accident, neglect, misuse, ect. Debbie (12:06:32): I did nothing wrong – how can you not honor this, there was no accident, no misuse no neglect. Good god Jeff I sure hope you can sleep at night because you are really a company man! Debbie (12:07:00): I did nothing at all wrong other than use the cord the way it was intended to be used Jeff (12:07:18): Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience. I know you did nothing wrong, but the plan does not cover ANY damage at all. I am very sorry. Debbie (12:08:20): You are kidding me this is a cord that no longer works because of normal wear. What would be considered covered???? Jeff (12:08:32): Not if there is damage. Jeff (12:08:54): Damage excludes from coverage no matter how it happened. Debbie (12:08:56): there is NO damage Jeff (12:09:06): You said the end is tore off, that is damage. Debbie (12:09:21): it is NOT torn off the rubber is frayed that surrounds the wires Jeff (12:09:58): If wires are visible, that constitutes damage. Can I help you with anything else? Debbie (12:11:21): Ha you did nothing for me but made me never want to spend a dime at Radio shack again!

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